Art workshops in Krzyzowa/ Kreisau

In April 2010 seventeen Polish students and twenty-nine German volunteers met in Krzyzowa (Kreisau) in Poland, for a five-day cultural exchange. Under the topic “Art in Dialog”, they participated in different workshops, dealing with various kinds of art in order to gain some new experience and learn about the other culture.


Krzyzowa (Kreisau) is a remarkable place for the opposition (Kreisauer Kreis) during the World War II. Nowadays Krzyzowa (Kreisau) is a memorial area where young people from Europe may come together to face the history.

The German participants were volunteers, working in different Saxon cultural institutions their gap year, to get impressions of practical work in various sectors of culture. Contrary to the Germans, the Polish members were high-school students preparing for their exams.

This website introduces you to the work of those people. Enjoy!